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Supply Chain Management - Kitting

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The Paragon Electronics Group of companies is an integrated group of specialist electronics companies providing a range of proven component sourcing, supply chain management & electronics manufacturing

Bedford, United Kingdom

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Supply Chain Management - Kitting

Supply Chain Management - Kitting


Supply Chain Management - Kitting



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Paragon Electronics Group


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For OEMs, supporting the myriad of business processes involved in effective electronic component management from sourcing, purchasing, incoming inspection, kitting and device preparation plus inventory control and purchase ledger administration can demand considerable space, robust process control, manpower and agile IT support. This can tie up significant funds that could be far better deployed financing other key business initiatives. We know that your real cost of acquisition would most likely surprise you.

Fortunately there is a proven way to reduce these hidden costs – Paragon's electronic component Kitting services... Total Component Management™.

Paragon's Total Component Management (TCM®) is the UKs leading electronics kitting service enabling OEMs to outsource their entire component supply chain in order to avoid the complexities and hidden costs of managing the process internally. It's a single source for all the components used on a single or suite of printed circuit boards - labelled, prepared and delivered assembly-ready, as a complete kit, on a date that matches your production schedule.

Paragon Total Component Management (TCM®) services deliver tangible benefits - complete kits arriving on time, in full, assemby-ready thereby reducing your total acquisition costs.

Paragon Total Component Management will:

•Undertake your entire procurement process for all materials

•Undertake inspection, storage, picking, preparation, kitting and custom packaging & documentation

•Deliver assembly-ready kits, direct to the manufacturing floor, eliminating the need for further inspection

•Eliminate stock of your electronic components and part-finished boards

•Improve cash-flow by allowing you to ship finished goods before you have paid for any components

•Free up warehouse space

•Decrease warehouse staff levels (inspection, picking, kitting)

•Reduce purchasing department costs (sourcing, order processing, progressing, carriage)

•Minimise purchase ledger costs with one invoice for an entire kit delivery and reduce your vendor base to just one supplier

•Cut lead-times through faster purchase order processing. Off-the-shelf kits can be held for rapid delivery. A single supplier managing wide supplier portfolio can reduce costs and eliminate shortages

•Improved time-to-market with comprehensive support for new product introductions (NPI)

•Transfers tasks, freeing up key personnel to focus on functions that add value instead of correcting supplier errors

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