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DI Recirculating Closed Loop System

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Aqua Klean Systems primarily manufactures inline cleaners and DI water recirculation systems. We service many industries, but have extensive knowledge in the Electronic and Semiconductor Industries.

Anaheim, California, USA


  • Phone (714) 637-4150

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DI Recirculating Closed Loop System

DI Recirculating Closed Loop System


DI Recirculating Closed Loop System


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Aqua Klean Systems


DI Recirculating Closed Loop System Description:

Aqua Klean Systems designs and manufactures DI Recirculating Systems for the Electronic and Semiconductor Industries. Our units have saved customers thousands of dollars a year in water, power and DI tank consumption costs. DI Recirculating Systems are built with quality and durability in mind here in the USA. Every unit is quality tested in our facility to ensure full and proper operation in the field. Only high quality filters, pumps, valves, and electrical components are assembled into our units. Many of our units that were manufactured years ago are still happily running today!

We have pre-designed equipment for rapid water treatment solutions, or we can customize a system that will fit your particular application. Aqua Klean can custom design any DI Water Recirculating System. This personalized approach is what has made us a local leader in water treatment systems. Some of the options our DI Recirculating Systems offer are UV Light filtration, instant in-line flash heaters, special ultra-filtration cartridges, larger storage tanks, higher horsepower pumps, and more. Additional details on these options can be found below.

Aqua Klean Systems has been working with electronic manufacturing facilities for over 20 years. This experience allows us to provide our customers with rock solid, engineered solutions for their water recycling needs. We have worked on projects of all sizes and have seen it all, and welcome new customers with the challenges they are facing. If you have any questions regarding any of our products or services, please give us a call at (714) 637-4150 and and let us provide a custom solution for you!

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