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ML-100 Manual PCB Separator(Hand Push Type)

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ML-100 Manual PCB Separator(Hand Push Type) Description:

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ML-100 Manual PCB Separator?Hand Push Type?


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ML-100 Manual PCB Separator(Hand Push Type)

The ML-100 is suitable for a small number of PCB boards to be separated and does not require electricity or air pressure.

The PCB is manually fed between the blades to separate, which is very simple and fast and does not damage the PCB.

  • PCB Size

    PCB width: Unlimited

  • Application

    PCB Board,Aluminum Board,Soft Fiber,Fiberglass plate,LED Light Bar

    It is a good tool for industries that use PCB, such as LED industry, SMT industry,  cellphone / mp3 industry and electronic toy industry etc.

  • Key Features

    • The device is operated manually without electricity and air pressure, which is convenient and fast.
    • Circular knife can be sharpened for recycling use.
    • Minimize internal pressure to avoid solder crack.
    • Specialized Hand Push Type Manual V-cut PCB Separator Machine for FR4 Board.
  • Technique Parameters

    Separation method

    Component side        Circular blade

    Solder side                Circular blade

    Blade material

    High speed steel



    PCB compatible

    fiber glass board, FR-4 board,

    aluminum board etc.



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