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FR4 PCB Fabrication and Assembly

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Real-PCB is a PCB manufacturers in China. We provide: free design check, free panelization & free testing for all customers. Only 7 days for prototype & 1 working day for sending to Europe.

Hangzhou, China

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer

  • Phone 86 57382693708

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FR4 PCB Fabrication and Assembly

FR4 PCB Fabrication and Assembly


FR4 PCB Fabrication and Assembly


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FR4 PCB Fabrication and Assembly Description:

PCB Prototype to Volume Supplier in China - No Restriction in Order Quantity!

REAL-PCB is a professional PCB supplier located in eastern coastal area of China, which is of all the convenient and efficient access to transportation and shipment. We provide prototype service to volume production with no quantity restriction.

Express Service:

Our personalized service and workshops can meet our clients’ special demands of all kinds, including 24-hour urgent service and 1-pc order delivery, etc. Our workshop-based price is much more competitive and reasonable. And we value all of our clients’ inquiries and orders and always do our best to satisfy our clients' needs of all kinds.

If your order is urgent and cannot be operated according to our standard schedule, please do as below for express service:

  1. Place an order on our website and upload the Gerber file
  2. Do not complete the payment on lineat this step but send an email to to tell us the time you need to meet
  3. We will calculate the total cost for the express service and send you a payment link to process your payment
  4. We will start to process your urgent order as soon as your payment arrives
  5. We will ship the order as per your request. If your order is not able to be delivered as per your requested date, we will refund the extra charge for the urgent service.

All the boards that you received are under UL and ISO certificated.

Please contact for any inquiries. We will reply within 24 hours.

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