Shenzhen Minzin Technology CO.,LTD.

Our business is the SMT equipments, SMT feeders, SMT nozzles and other SMT parts!

Equipment Dealer / Broker / Auctions

         Minzin TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD focus on global Surface Mount electronic assembly sector for 10 years. We mainly deal in SMT equipments, SMT feeders, SMT nozzles and related products for Panasonic,Universal,FUJI, KEM, YAMAHA, JUKI, Hitachi,Siemens, Assembleon and other brands.

We also provide high quality SMT feeder parts , nozzles  and AI equipment parts. The brands as below: FUJI, KEM, PANASERT, YAMAHA, JUKI, Hitachi, Universal, Siemens, I-pulse, Assembleon ect —— for SMT feeder parts and nozzle. PANASERT, UNIVERSAL, DYNAPERT, TDK —— for AI parts.

We ship feeders and various parts every day by DHL,TNT, UPS and Fedex to Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia, keeping shipping costs very, very low. We listen to what the customer wants and we are here to help you achieve your cost reduction policy as well as ensuring you maintain your quality. We are doing our best to build long-term business relationship with more and more friends.

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