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Wholly Close loop control Pick and Place Machine in Servo Driver and Transmission-Use Magnetic Scale,Linear Guide+TBI Grinding screw NeoDen9


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Our machines are famous for stable runnning ,high precision & speed ,light-weight and easy operation ,which also help us win high praises from our clients .

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Wholly Close loop control Pick and Place Machine in Servo Driver and Transmission-Use Magnetic Scale,Linear Guide+TBI Grinding screw NeoDen9 Description:

NeoDen9 features Six simultaneous pick-up heads, has been designed for ease of use,efficiency,cost effectiveness and increased expandability and compatibility.Using new, highly efficient linear servo motors,lightening and stiffening the head unit,and reviewing the placement speed of 14,000 CPH.

Application industry:household appliances industry, auto electronics industry, power industry, LED industry, security, instruments and meters industry, communication industry, intelligent control industry, internet industry of things and
military industry, etc..


Model Number:NeoDen9

Number of Heads:6

Number of Tape reel Feeders:53(Yamaha Electric/Pneumatic)

Number of IC Tray:20

Placement Area:460mm*300mm

MAX Mounting Height:16mm

PCB Fiducial Recognition:High Precision Mark Camera

Component Recognition:High Resolution Flying Vision Camera System

XY Motion feedback control:Closed loop control system

XY Drive motor:PanasonicA6 400W

Repeat Position Accuracy:±0.01mm

Maximum Mounting Speed:14000CPH

Average Mounting Speed:9000CPH

X-axis-Drive Type:WON Linear Guide / TBI Grinding screw C5 - 1632

Y-axis-Drive Type:WON Linear Guide / TBI Grinding screw C5 - 1632

Compressed Air:>0.6Mpa

Input Power:220V/50HZ(110V/60HZ Alternative)

Machine Weight:500KG

Machine Dimension:L1220mm*W800mm*H1350mm


Main Features

1.The average mounting speed can be reached at 9000CPH

2.The max mounting speed can be reached at 14000CPH

3. Using the real-time calculation algorithm without virtual parameters for speed counting.

4. NeoDen independent Linux software,to ensure the flexible and expedient upgrading;As well as easier operation and faster training.

5. 1-click optimization function:
A.Mounting sequences;
B.Quick calibration of the picking position

6. Equips Panosonic 400W servo motor,to ensure better torque and acceleration for achiving stable and durable placement

7. Independent control of 6 placement heads, each head can be up and down separately, easy to pick up, and the standard effective mounting     height reach 16mm,meet the requirements of flexible SMT processing

8. Supports both electric feeder and pneumatic feeder at max 53 slots tape reel feeders with machine width 800mm only,to ensure the high   efficiency with flexible & worthiest space

9.Equips with 2 mark cameras to ensure that all picking positions can be photographed

10. Applicale for the maximum PCB width at 300mm,meets most of the PCB sizes

11.Automatic track handling, double-screw linear track widening structure design

12.Equips with patented sensor technology, it can handle black PCB , and 800mm length PCB can be mounted in sections

13.The self-developed flying camera recognition system uses imported  CMOS sensor, 5 million-level industrial high-definition lens and 289   LEDs ring shadowless light sources,to ensure the stable and durable effects

14.The screw used in the machine is a C5 precision ground screw, with an accuracy of 0.018mm within the length 300mm. It is matched with Taiwan PVP and Japan Miki's couplings, coupled with precision assembly, less wear and aging, stable and durable precision

15.Equips with the magnetic scale technology what used commonly in the well-known brands, realizing true closed-loop control, long-term assurance of stable placement accuracy as initial & new conditions, easy to calibrate accuracy without suppliers' engineers

16.The front and rear feeder stacks are equipped with patent sensors, if the feeder is not installed in the correct position, the placement head will be locked, to avoid head bumps and abnormalities by misoperation

Machine details:


Established in 2010, NeoDen Technology Co.,Ltd., is a high-tech corporation located in Hangzhou, China. Our primary products are desktop automatic pick and place machines. In China, we are the leader in this technology with CE and more than 30 patents registered.

Mounting Effect:

Why Choose NeoDen:

1.Light weight body,occupy small area

2.User friendly interface,no need professional SMT engineer,entry-level device

3.High integrated,no need extra pump or any supporting facility

4.High accuracy and reliability,make up the defection of manual work

5.Low cost,reduce expense to own a professional automatic SMT production line

6.International express with door to door service,3-5 working days delivery

7.Especial for laboratory research and development,samples,to avoid any patents and designs revealment


The complete machine has a warranty period of TWO years(Feeder-ONE year)from the timeof purchase and lifelong service support as well as a long-termfactory price supply. We provide online Q/A and trouble shootingsupport and technical advice service.


Thank you very much for your support on Neoden Tech's machines.

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