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FR-4, 1-20 layers PCBs, metal core PCBs; also provides stencil and SMT services and quick turn supports

Manufacturer of Bare PCBs

What we can do & why choose us:
- FR-4, 1 to 20-layer rigid PCBs, FPCs and Aluminum PCBs, with SMT and stencil services, a one-stop PCB solution provider, etc.;
- Production of quick-turn Prototypes, High-mix or Low-volume orders with class II or class III of IPC and UL standards;
- Professional PCB fabrication services over 10 years’ experience with good quality and competitive pricing;
- Perfect quality guarantee such as ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2001, TS16949 and UL certified; &
- Don’t have min. order quantity.

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8-layer PCB with impedance control

8-layer PCB with impedance control. Surface Finish: Immersion Gold ...


8-layer PCB with impedance control
PCB Assembly Price

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