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Table top Selective Ecosel-300

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ATS specializes in thru-hole soldering technology, providing the highest-quality selective soldering equipment to industries worldwide. Certified as China’s “High Technology Company 2012”.

ShenZhen , China


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Table top Selective Ecosel-300

Table top Selective Ecosel-300


Table top Selective Ecosel-300


Selective Soldering

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Advanced Soldering Technology Co., Ltd


Table top Selective Ecosel-300 Description:

ECOSEL - 300 is a table top compact offline selective soldering machine. Solder pot and flux sprayer are fixed, the PCB is articulated with a X/Y stepper motor, Z with an air cylinder, inline N2 heating system, and the nozzle travel path can be programmed with a  jogger programmer. Live-on camera is an option for displaying the soldering process.

Portable jogging programmer for moving path programming with the help of a laser light. Touchscreen directs the on/off switch, solder temperature, wave height, N2 temperature etc. parameter settings and saving. With the help of laser lighting for programming the standard model is equipped with a Ti solder pot tank, all consistent with lead free soldering.

1 Portable jogging programmer for travel path programming
2 Touchscreen provides the on/off switch
3 Under the help of laser lighting for programming
4 Max PCB for 300 x 300 (12” x 12”)
5 X/Y table is driven by stepper motor, Z direction is driven by air cylinder.
6 Live on camera to view soldering process on PC screen
7 Standard model is equipped with Ti solder pot tank
8 Different diameter soldering nozzle available

Offline process: PCB is loaded by hand.

This Western version is now being offer in North America. Email our offices for more information:

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