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Nano-CT X-ray Inspection System

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X-ray|LINAC|SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope)|PKG System

Suwon, South Korea


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Nano-CT X-ray Inspection System

Nano-CT X-ray Inspection System


Nano-CT X-ray Inspection System



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Nano-CT X-ray Inspection System Description:

High-precision, ultra-high resolution high-end 2D, 3D CT X-ray examination equipment

With the Focal spot 200nm-class tube developed by SEC, ultra-fine defects can be detected at least 1mm and high-precision tests can be performed with system precision of 100nm or less. Two X-ray detectors can be mounted, and the detector Z-axis can be varied, allowing you to easily change conditions such as geometric magnification and image brightness for the application. Detector tilt can be up to 80º. It minimizes image distortion during Oblique CT scans, provides high-quality 3D CT images with high external vibration blocking efficiency and minimal table interference. 

  • Non-destructive analysis facilities are suitable for various inspections, such as semiconductors, SMT, electronic components, etc.
  • Facilities optimized for mass production inspection S/W and use of teaching functions
  • Extend Table Size and Active Area on existing models to allow larger sampling
X-ray Tube 120kV / 200µA
Min.Resolution 200nm
Table Size Variable
AXIS X, Y, Z, T, R
CT Scan Type Oblique CT / Cone Beam CT
Detector 3.2MPixel FPD, 30fps
Application Sensor, Electronic Parts, Camera Module, Application Processor, RAM, Wafer Level, PKG Chip, Prismatic/Cylindrical Battery, Mobile Battery, Automotive Battery, SMD/PCB, QFN/QFP, LED, Defense Industry

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