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LINAC Industrial Linear Accelerator

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X-ray|LINAC|SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope)|PKG System

Suwon, South Korea


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LINAC Industrial Linear Accelerator

LINAC Industrial Linear Accelerator


LINAC Industrial Linear Accelerator



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SEC Industrial Linear Accelerator

LINASEC® Linear Accelerator equipment is designed for use as a syringe for non-destructive testing in specific applications and cargo and vehicle inspection at ports and borders. LINASEC® equipment is an all-in-one equipment with all the necessary components, including linear accelerator, RF generator, high frequency modulator, HVPS, shield, power supply and interface. SEC's line of accelerators consists of a wide range of S-band accelerators that offer a wide range of dose, energy and focal sizes, and for security areas where material identification is required, SEC provides 6/9MeV Dual energy interlaced LINAC.

  • Non-destructive testing equipment that generates high-energy X-rays by accelerating the electron beam from 1 to 15 MeV.
  • The first internalization of electronic linear accelerator mechanical design technology in Korea.
  • 2D/3DCT image acquisition made possible by the support of the FPXD and LDA detectors.
  • The only underground shielding facility in Korea that can be evaluated up to 20MV.
    (Sample tests can be evaluated according to customer's conditions)
Description Product Name SM03 SM06 SM09 SK15
Generator Energy(MeV) 1/2/3 3.5/5/6 5/6/9 9/15
Dose rate(Gy/min-m) 0.25/2/3 2.5/5/8 6/10/30 50/140
spot size 2 mm (FWHM)
Operating Frequency 2998 ± 2 MHz(π/2-mode)
RF Power & Source 3.1MW (Magnetron) 5.5MW (klystron)
RF Pulse Length 1~5㎲ 5㎲
Beam Pulse Length 1~3.5㎲ 3.5㎲
PRF (Pulse Repetition Frequency) Up to 300Hz
HVL(in) 0.91 1.1 1.18 1.25*
Radiographic Quality Range(mm) 38~203 51~254 76~381 254~460

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