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Multilayer Mixed Dielectric PCB

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Multilayer Mixed Dielectric PCB

Multilayer Mixed Dielectric PCB


Multilayer Mixed Dielectric PCB



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Standard Printed Circuits, Inc.


Multilayer Mixed Dielectric PCB Description:

Consisting of multiple laminates and differing dielectric constants, this multilayer (displayed right) is a mixed-dielectric printed circuit board which was manufactured for the Aerospace Industry. 

Multilayer Mixed Dielectric PCB Specifications:

Product Description This Multi-Layer Mixed Dielectric PCB is used within an Aerospace application and contains different laminates and structures.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Inner layer Fabrication (Image, Etch, and Oxide)
Multilayer Lamination
CNC Drilling
Prep Hole Wall
Plasma Etching
Sodium Etching
Direct Metallization
Conductive Polymer
Photolithography Plating
Tin/Lead Plating
LPI Soldermask / Silkscreen
ENIG Plate
Electroless Nickel- Immersion Gold
Final Fabrication
Vacuum packed
Equipment Used
CNC Driller
Vacuum Lamination Press
Alternative Oxide Line
Plasma Etch / Sodium Etch
Exposure, Developer Etcher
CNC Router
Flying Probe Electrical Test
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 3"
Width: 1.5"
Layers: 6
Tightest Tolerances ±.0005" on Etched Features
Material Used Ceramic filled PTFE, Multi-functional FR4
Material Finish Electroless Nickel - Immersion Gold
Estimated Part Weight 20 Grams
In process testing performed Line Width Verification
Full Electrical Test
Cross Section Analysis
Industry for Use Defense/Aerospace
Quantity Manufactured 75
Delivery Location Northeast US
Standards Met IPC-6018 - Microwave End Product Board Inspection and Test
IPC-A-600 - Acceptability of Printed Boards
Product Name Multi-Layer Mixed Dielectric PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

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