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PCB Printer KP 510

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PCB Printer KP 510

PCB Printer KP 510


PCB Printer KP 510



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Acrotec International Co.,Ltd


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Auto stencil cleaning: Standard Specification, including Wet wiping, dry wiping and Exhaust the air.
Humanity software: Easy to learn and operate.
Blade working under stencil or depart from stencil; it will not move up and down; to ensure the steady of printing.
Blade tooling with floating blade and device of constant pressure, it will not influence the quality when changing the blade.
Inner part with 2 steps function of forward boards, could prevent the solder may touch the board.
Z axis print platform working fast and steady, could increase the printing flatness of pc board.
The vaccum device is option, available for under 0.6mm board.
Align system with the multi binary control, and include the X,Y,θ high precision movement, ensure the printing fixed accuracy.


Apply for SMT/Semiconductor Stencil/ Screen printing, also for the solder paste printing/ glue printing process.

Best solution for semiconductor printing process.

Repeat printing could achieve to ±10μm. (For 01005 component requirement.)

Low cost fully auto printer, outstanding & high performance printer in this fields.

Equipped best resolution CCD vision alignment system.

Acrotec International Co.,Ltd.

Roger Chen

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