Hangzhou Zhonghan Electronics Technology Co.ltd

OEM/ODM PCB/PCBA manufacturer in China over 10 years. specialzing on pcb design ,pcb copy,pcb manufacturing ,smt ,led assembly, Shell assembly.

Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Manufacturer of Bare PCBs, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Design, Pick and Place

    ZH-Tec is an aggressive and competitive manufacturer in China over 10 years experience .
     We focus on the one stop service of pcb,pcb assembly,pcb copy and pcb design, and
delicate in OEM/ODM electronic manufacturing services.
Available service :
1.PCB clone- Specializing on pcb copy with function.
2.PCB production service- Prototype pcb and bulk order are suiting for us.
3.PCB assembly service- Available on SMT, BGA, DIP.
4.PCB designing –Give us your specification or idea,we give u pcb what you ask.
5.Led pcb assembly- SMD different kinds of led board,suiting on Tube,Bulb,Downlight etc.
6. Electronic Component purchasing service.

     Our company emphasis our feature to assist customers to reduce their cost by total solutions service, we provide the high-mixed, low and medium volume service for our customers. our market is growing bigger because of the tremendous benefit and good quality products that we can delivery to our customers. We are proud of our systems and the teams behind us. we have an excelent teams of rich experiece on component procurement , manufacture, engineering support, quality control and logistics service, We work very hard to provide high quality products for our customers and  hope become partner with our customer for long terms cooperation. 

     Strictly obey ISO9001 standard,we have got many customer’s affirmation.To think of what our customers think, and pay close attention to our service towards  customer is the principle of our enterprise. ZH Tec look forward to cooperating with you.

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