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Automatic Screen Printer

Automatic Screen Printer


Automatic Screen Printer


Solder Paste Stencils

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Shenzhen Gosmt Technology Co., Ltd


Automatic Screen Printer Description:

Process Parameters Specification
Machine Alignment Capability ≥2 Cpk@±18μm@,6σ
Process Alignment Capability ≥2 Cpk@±8μm@,6σ
Cycle Time 7s
Maximum Print Area 400mm x 340mm
Screen Frame Size  470mm x 370mm~737mm x 737mm 
Screen Frame Thickness 25mm -  40mm
Print Pressure 0kg -  10kg
Print Speed 1mm/sec -  200mm/sec
Print Gap 0mm -  20mm
Substrate Separation Speed:0.1mm/sec -  20mm/sec
Distance:0mm -  3mm
Separation option
Separation after squeegee up; Squeegee up after separation
 Apply paste option solder paste,printing ink, silver paste
Transfer System Specification
Type U gear belt, front rail fixed
ESD Compatibility
Black transport belts and guides with surface resistivity of greater than 110 Ω
Width Adjustment  Programmable motorized rear rail
Transport Direction L→R,L→L,R→L,R→R
Substrate Handling Size (minimum) 50mm (X) x 50mm (Y)
Substrate Handling
Size (maximum)
400mm(X) x340mm (Y)
Substrate Thickness 0.4mm -  5 mm
Substrate Weight  ≤3kg
Substrate Warpage ≤1%  diagonal
Substrate Fixture Flexible side clamp
Substrate Underside Clearance
Vision Specification
Multi function image process system Fiducial Mark software measurement,twice position,device identification function,Digital camera: 1 million 300 thousand pixels,the camera scene depth2mm  FOV:10*8mm
Fiducial Recognition
Automatic fiducial teach and find incorporating 0.1mm fiducial capture
Two or Four Fiducial Marks Alignment System
Fiducial Types
square,    round,     triangle,    cross,user- defined types
Fiducial Size 0.1mm ~ 3mm
Fiducial Locations Anywhere on substrate
Fiducial Error Recovery Auto lighting adjustment
Auto fiducial search
Camera Lighting Auto adjustment 
2D Analysis System 2D detect solder printing quality
Handing & Cleaner Options Specification

Substrate Handing Size(maximum)

Long board options - maximum extend to 510*340mm,
CCD scope biggest 450*340mm

Under Stencil Cleaning

Largest clean drops drench type 460 mm size
Software & Communications Specification
Software intelligent backup module
Database automatic backup, software upgrade is not lost
Maintenance early warning function Machine wire rod, slide block, motor and other automatic maintenance message

printing parameter intelligent module

Customer select the type of production,like FPC,LED,Phone PCB... the printer can give the parameter automatically.

Recovery system of solder paste
The fixed frequency to recovery the solder paste into the printing area.
Standard Configuration Specification
Printer Construction
One piece optimized welded frame
Machine Control
Four control motion control card
Operation System Windows XP,Win7(option)
Operator Interface 17 "DELL display screen, keyboard and mouse and DESEN V2 software,
display on the right hand side.
Scraper pressure close loop feedback system Program control, air pressure and screw direct integration closed-loop control
   Automatic positioning module of stencil Put the stencil into the support frame,the squeegee automatically realizes the positioning of the stencil

PCB support positioning system

Contour block, support pin, vacuum cavity,Free combination
cleaning system
The diffrent size of wipe paper can be used ,less paper consumption,solvent agent control module
Machine Interface SEMI Input/Output 4 core international standard interface
Connectivity RJ-45LAN(networking) and USB2 interface available
Three color intelligent LED warning light Programmable with audible alarm
Documentation Hard copy manuals comprising:Opeartor,Installation,and Electrical Drawings.
On board technical manuals and tutorials supporting operator functions.
Parallel platform Servo motor drive, parallel platform positioning algorithm to improve the
positioning speed and accuracy
Automatic platform detection system The platform height is automatically calibrated according to the thickness of the plate
Intelligent closed-loop compensation platform X, Y, θ multi axis servo driver independent adjustment
Intelligent transmission system
The automatic limit device + automatic positioning substrate + left into the left, the left into the right, right into the right, right into the left out
Approximate Dimensions 1140(L)X1380(W)X1525(H)mm
Approximate Weight 1300kg boxed (dependent upon configured options selected with machine)
1100kg unboxed (dependent upon configured options selected with machine)
Electric parameter Specification
Voltage 220Volts +/- 10%.Single phase 50/60Hz
Power 3kw
Over Current Protection The external circuit breaker protection, ≤25 Amps 
Air Supply 0.45- 0.6kg/cm²
Temperature 10℃ to 35℃
Humidity 30% -  70% relative humidity (non condensing)
Certification Specification
CE 98/37/EC,89/336/EEC,73/23/EEC
Acoustic Noise Level Less than 87dB 

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