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Diamond Track Cleaning Process

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Digicom provides turn-key electronics manufacturing solutions for prototype to volume production builds, PCB assemblies, and complete box-build systems.

Oakland, California, USA


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Diamond Track Cleaning Process

Diamond Track Cleaning Process


Diamond Track Cleaning Process


Cleaning Equipment

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Digicom Electronics


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Digicom Electronics’ Diamond Track Cleaning Process, winner of the 2012 Global Technology Award, is a highly efficient, in-line cleaning system aimed at mitigating failures caused by contaminated PCBs. Our innovative Diamond Track Cleaning Process uses a special combination of chemicals, temperature, wash cycles, timing, and equipment that results in printed circuit boards with superior quality and cleanliness.

Independent tests show that Digicom’s Diamond Track process results in boards that are 75% cleaner than the IPC’s highest level of clean. The process is completely “green”. DI water from polishing tanks is used and recycled. Filters catch the solids while powerful blowers ensure that harsh chemicals are not blown back into the tank. Clear windows enable the operator to monitor the entire process. A refractometer checks the stability of the tank to see it’s not compromised. All drained solids are environmentally friendly.

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