Prototype Equipment Design

Circuit board layout, circuit board assembly with automated SMT line.Full service CNC machine shop including Wire EDM.Custom Equipment Design and Manufacturing.Thread rolling.Laser cutting & marking.

Assembly, Design, Pick and Place, Soldering, Contract Manufacturer

Company Profile

In 2001, Prototype Equipment Design was formed in response to an opportunity to produce semiconductor crystal growth equipment for Redlen Technologies Ltd. Today, Prototype Equipment Design continues to work with Redlen Technologies and has expanded to serve others in the medical, aerospace, military, automotive, scientific and high tech industries.

Our electronics capability is strong. We can work from the schematic and BOM level to source circuit boards and components. We can populate circuit boards using our automated equipment.
Our contract manufacturing capability is well suited to complex, low volume production.

Examples of work are, production of machined components and electronic circuit board assemblies we then assemble and commission a robot used in nuclear power plant inspections, civil pipe inspections and search and rescue. The robot is called VGTV, design is owned by Reece Robotics.

Our certifications include Controlled Goods Certified to handle military weapons systems work. We are Certified ISO 9001:2008 and manufacture of pressure fittings to CSA B51 and ASME Section VIII Div 1. We are also qualified by Babcock Canada, BAE Systems and Thales Canada to produce 1st level fasteners used in submarine maintenance. We are also certified to manufacture pressure fittings to CSA standards.

The focus of Prototype Equipment Design is to provide complete solutions to individuals and companies looking for smart solutions to their engineering needs. Our strengths assure efficient production, stringent quality control and quick turnaround times to satisfy the toughest demands of our customers.

To meet the demands of our client’s in today’s market Prototype Equipment Design employs a talented group of individuals to help clients from early concept design of their ideas to fine tuning and polishing of their finished product. With our wealth of knowledge and experience we are “the engineer’s machine shop”.

Prototype Equipment Design specializes in building and fabricating components and apparatus that need to meet tight tolerances. We find solutions for technically challenging and complex engineering projects.

Community sponsorship includes FIX IT Robotics LEGO Stormers, UVIC's Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, UVic Eco CAR2, UVic ECOsat, Formula SAE race car and UVIC's fuel cell car.

Our services include:

• Circuit board layout, manual or automated circuit board assembly and contract manufacturing.

Full service CNC machine shop including Wire EDM

• Custom Equipment Design and Manufacturing
• Thread rolling
• In house design and detailing
• Sand blasting
• Aluminum anodizing
• Laser cutting & marking

Equipment List/Capabilities:

SMT equipment – Autotronic 385V1-V Pick and Place with dispencing option.  Maximum placement area  350 mm x 435 mm (13.8″ x 17.1″). Batch reflow oven and standard stencil printer.

Renishaw 5 axis CMM. The measurement envelope is, 600mm X, 800mm Y, 500mm Z.  We can take your SolidWorks file and compare it to parts made from the drawing, or we can measure a part and create a solid model from the data.

High pressure test station c/w video recording, data acquisition and automatic report generation. Maximum pressure 2750 bar (40,000 psi). Containment chamber 50cm x 60cm x 30cm. Typical tests are for custom hydraulic and pneumatic fittings.

We are able to machine a wide variety of materials. Ranging from plastic to the hardest of metals.

Vertical Machining Centres (VMC)
• Hitachi Seiki VS40 VMC 30 tools 600mm x 450mm x 450mm work envelope 12,000 RPM
• Hitachi Seiki VS50 VMC 30 tools 1000mm x 510mm x 450mm work envelope 12,000 RPM
• Doosan 3016 VMC 4-Axis 20 tools 760mm x 410mm x 450mm work envelope 8,000 RPM

Turning Centres
• Doosan Daewoo Puma 240MA up to 12 live tools 350mm x 439mm work envelope 6,000 RPM
• Hyundai HiT20 up to 12 live tools 450mm x 450mm work envelope 6,000 RPM
• Takahashi Precision CNC Lathe. 12 tools 100mm x 200mm work envelope 6,000 RPM
• Manual Graziano Lathe

Wire Electrical Discharge Machine (WEDM)
• FA10S Advance Mitsubishi 5-Axis 330mm x 250mm x 200mm work envelope

Laser Cutting
• Universal CO2 Laser 30watt 600mm x 305mm x 200mm
We are able to laser cut a wide variety of materials including: Wood, plastics (abs, acrylic, delrin, acetal, and poly), leather, paper, foam, rubber and cork.
We are able to engrave all the materials listed above as well as stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

• 250mm Horizontal Bandsaw
• Meistergram rotary engraver 225mm x 300mm work envelope
• Ultrasonic cleaner
• Annealing oven

Measuring Equipment
• Full compliment of hand held Mitutoyo measuring tools, gauge blocks & pins
• VIA Boeckler Video measurement system
• Meiji EMZ-TR microscope
• Gaertner measuring microscope c/w microscope measuring scales 

PCB equipment

Electronics Equipment Consignment