JWC Manufacturing Services Inc.

I provide service,repair,calibration,programming,training, rebuilds of Universal Instruments thru-hole insertion machines, Axial, Radial, Dip. Former UIC Field Engineer. Machines 6241 6360 6772 6287, F models. 32 yrs experience.

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer

I provide phone support, service, repair, calibration, installation, training, programming, onsite rebuilds, of Universal Instruments thru-hole machines. I started with UIC in 1984 as a Field Engineer. 

Incorporated sense 2000 as JWC Manufacturing Services, Inc. We support many customers with equipment like, 2596A 2596B 2596C  6285 6287 6241A 6241B 6241C 6241D 6241F 6346 6348 6360A 6360B 6360C 6360D 6360E 6380F 6296A 6772 pass-thru systems, Series 3, 5, and 8.  Axial, Dip, Sip, Radial, including pass thru systems.

Celebrating 32 years of experience...

Please contact me at 1-520-360-5609 for references or with any questions including phone support.

JWC Manufacturing Services, Inc.


Tucson USA

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Service Universal Instruments thru-hole machines

I provide Universal Instruments thru-hole service, support, onsite rebuilds, repair, calibration, programming, training and machine installation. I am a former UIC Field Engineer starting in 1984. I continue as a contractor, my...


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