nScrypt Inc.

nScrypt provides precision micro-dispensing and 3D printing equipment with unmatched precision and quality

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

nScrypt, Inc. manufactures micro-dispensing and 3D Printing systems. We have extensive experience in dispensing applications with a wide range of materials. Our patented SmartPump™, provides a significant edge in speed and precision over other micro-dispense pump technologies. Our 3D Printing utilizes patent pending nFD™ which reaches printing temperatures of more than 400C and the smallest commercial prints, less than 50 microns.

nScrypt’s manufacturing and research facilities are located in Orlando, FL. Our focus areas are 3D printing, direct printing, and micro dispensing. We emphasize enabling a vast array of micro-dispensing technologies for the electronics, electronic packaging, solar cell metallization, printed antennas, life sciences, and chemical/pharmaceutical industries through precision material manipulation, mixing, and processing. Specific activities include micro manufacturing, selling, and servicing specialized patented equipment that performs critical steps in manufacturing procedures. Our broad core competence helps us to maintain our global leadership over competing devices and processes offered by other companies.

nScrypt’s direct print technologies address a wide array of customer needs through the creative and innovative use of our advanced printing and micro-dispensing technologies, including 3D printing, laser machining, and conformal coating. We also create unique variations of our patented SmartPump™ valving along with customized dispensing techniques. Our high-quality manufacturing and research facilities provide an environment for continuous development of new technologies, as well as micro manufacturing of customer products, and manufacturing of system-level solutions.

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3D Printed Electronics for Printed Circuit Structures

Oct 10, 2018 | Samuel LeBlanc, Paul Deffenbaugh, Jacob Denkins, Kenneth Church

Printed electronics is a familiar term that is taking on more meaning as the technology matures. Flexible electronics is sometimes referred to as a subset of this and the printing approach is one of the enabling factors for roll to roll processes. Printed electronics is improving in performance and has many applications that compete directly with printed circuit boards. The advantage of roll to roll is the speed of manufacturing, the large areas possible, and a reduction in costs. As this technology continues to mature, it is also merging with the high profile 3D printing. (...)

This paper will show working demonstrations of printed circuit structures, the obstacles, and the potential future of 3D printed electronics....

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