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CO2 cutting machine

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CO2 cutting machine

CO2 cutting machine


CO2 cutting machine


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Wisely Laser Machinery Limited


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WISELY 1325BS and 1530BS large laser cutting machine is mainly designed to cut Clothing, Acrylic, Synthetic Glass, Wood, Handicraft Articles of large surface area and so on.

     Our machine:             

                               Laser Type                                                               Glass CO2 laser tube from Beijing RECI (Lifespan: Max. 10 000 hours)
                               Laser Power Supply                                              From Beijing RECI
                               Transmitting Parts                                                 Ballscrew from Germany   Linear Guide Rail from Taiwan HIWIN
                               Drive Type                                                                Servo Motors and Driver from Japan Yaskawa & Panasonic
                               Default Software / Controller                               LaserCut5.3 / DSP Leetro 6535C Control Card

                 More information at      email:

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