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Label Feeder

Label Feeder


Label Feeder


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Dobeter Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd


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For product identification, traceability and process flow control, people will mark PCB boards with a barcode label,usually this is done by hand, so the labor costs is very high, also placement accuracy can be questionable. Or you can buy a machine to pick and place these labels automatically, but the cost is very high and it occupy an additional factory floor space.

Now we have deleoped a automatic barcode label feeder, it can solve all these problems. It is just the same as a feeder for your existing placement machines,it can peel and present the barcode label stock, your placement machines can pick and place these barcode labels from this barcode label feeder, this approach is more productive and faster than hand placement. It is no longer necessary to hand place labels or other adhesive backed media. Automate your process while improving placement accuracy, speed and quality.

We have three Liner(web) width for this barcode label feeder, 50mm, 85mm and 100mm, also we can make customized Liner Width as your request, so our label feeder can peel and present more than 2 lables at one time, so it is more efficient and productive.

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