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Juki Label Feeder

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Juki Label Feeder

Juki Label Feeder


Juki Label Feeder


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Dobeter Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd


Juki Label Feeder Description:

Applied to : those Juki SMT machines KE710, KE720, KE730, KE750,KE760,KE2000/2010/2020/2030/2040/2050/2060/2070/2080/3010/3020/1070/1080 FX-1/ FX-2/FX-3 such as Juki, Juki X, Juki XII and so on.

We have three kinds of Liner(web) width for Juki label feeder : 50mm, 85mm and 100mm, also we can make customized liner width as your request, our label feeder can peel and present more than 2 lables at one time, so it is more efficient and productive.

Specs :

Specification Minimum  Maximum
Media Size 2 mm x 2 mm

31 mm to customized one * 50 mm,

31 mm to customized one * 85mm ,

31 mm to customized one * 100mm

Media Thickness 0.05 1
Liner Width  1




customized one

Liner Thickness  0.05 1
Feed Rate  0 mm / sec  95 mm / sec

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