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Analyst ems - Open Platform In Circuit PCB Tester

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CheckSum is a leading supplier of in circuit test and on-board gang programming systems, fixtures and services to the worldwide electronics manufacturing industry.

Arlington, Washington, USA

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Analyst ems - Open Platform In Circuit PCB Tester

Analyst ems - Open Platform In Circuit PCB Tester


Analyst ems - Open Platform In Circuit PCB Tester


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CheckSum Llc


Analyst ems - Open Platform In Circuit PCB Tester Description:

High Fault Coverage ICT System.

The Analyst ems Low-Cost In Circuit Test (ICT) System provides the capability to quickly and easily test assemblies for common manufacturing defects such as incorrect, missing or misoriented components, and opens and shorts. These faults comprise the vast majority of problems encountered in the typical manufacturing flow. ICT systems can quickly and accurately measure continuity, capacitors, resistors, inductors, voltages, semiconductor junction voltages, and SMT connections for opens. With these basic tools, ICTs can find most faults in analog or digital assemblies before board power-up.

The CheckSum Analyst ems is designed for testing all types of circuit assemblies. The System combines manufacturing process testing with TestJet Technology to test a single assembly or a panel of multiple assemblies.

The Analyst ems tests the entire unit-under-test (UUT) and individual components without power applied. Using sophisticated measurement techniques such as DC or complex-impedance measurements in conjunction with multi-point guarding, it provides the capability to find the majority of faults such as shorts, opens and wrong or incorrectly installed components. By finding the majority of faults while the UUT is in the safe unpowered mode, and with very specific fault diagnostic messages, faulty UUTs can be repaired quickly.

The Analyst ems is designed to be used for most common through-hole and SMT circuit assemblies. It can perform effective power-down testing for most analog or digital assemblies being manufactured today. The optional power-up functional test capability is ideally suited for lower frequency analog assemblies with some digital content.


  • Standard, dual level probing for ICT and isolated low-voltage functional tests with up to 5200¹ Test Point Capability
  • Handles circuit boards up to 24 x 13.2 inches (61 x 33.5 cm)
  • TestJet Technology*, MultiWriter part programming, and Boundary-scan options
  • Ergonomically friendly slide-in fixtures, straight-in and out, top and bottom lock-in for safety
  • Compatible² with KIT2KN-QC and KIT1000-QC Fixture Kits
  • Operator safety light curtain
  • Fully Integrated CheckSum Test System Software Environment


  • Loaded Circuit Assemblies
  • Through-Hole and SMT Assemblies
  • Single and Double-Sided Assemblies
  • Individual or Panelized Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • In Circuit Part Programming with MultiWriter

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