We are a joint venture from China specializing in manufacturing and exporting PCB,multilayered circuit board,PCB fabrication,HDI PCB,PCB layout,quick turn,one-stop service,aluminum based pcb,flexible pcb.brand VGT

Manufacturer of Bare PCBs, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Assembly, Contract Manufacturer, OEM

VG Technologies Co., Ltd / VGT is dedicated to building a single-sided and multilayer printed circuit board, samples quick turn, medium and large batch production.

Founded in February 2001, the use of modern advanced production and testing equipment and technology, to create a modern, technology enterprises. High-tech innovation-oriented, efficient human resource management, standardization of quality control procedures, in order to continuously improve customer satisfaction, with modern production plant, imported professional production equipment and testing equipment from Europe, America, Japan, such as: pressure machine, drill hole machine, automatic film machine, automatic plating line, etching line, automatic coating line, HAL machine, AOI machine, Flying Probe Tester.
VGT in strict accordance with the modern enterprise system management standard operation, establishment of a unique management system and long-term planning. With professional standards, excellent service, VGT will become your most trusted partners. "Quality First, Customer First" is our aim. Our customers are widely distributed in China, US, Europe and other places. The company has passed UL, ISO/9001, ISO/14001, TS16949, CQC certification. To innovation, continuous improvement, to provide you with high quality products and perfect after-sales service is our unremitting pursuit and purpose.

1. have the comprehensive quality control system
2. good price
3. quick turn delivery time from 48hours.
4. certification (ISO/UL/RoHS)
5. 8 years experience in exporting service
6. no MOQ/MOV.
7. high quality. strict test through AOI, QA/QC, Flying probe Test, E-test fixture

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double and multi layer PCB for Military, Communication, Medical Equipment, Industry, Automobile

Specifications: Layers: 1 to 48 Board finished thickness: 0.21 to 7.0mm Materials: FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, high TG, FR4 halogen free,Rogers Maximum finished board size: 23 x 25mm (580 x 900mm) Minimum ...


double and multi layer PCB for Military, Communication, Medical Equipment, Industry, Automobile
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