World Class Electronics

The WORLD CLASS ELECTRONICS provides a total spectrum of global manufacturing services including: Product Design Support Volume Production Product Fulfillment After-market Service & Warranty Support


WCE, Inc. is a Full Service Electronics Manufacturer well known for its high quality, accurate, rapid, flexible and low cost electronics manufacturing. In providing consignment, turnkey and box build manufacturing options, WCE, Inc. specializes in the following services:

At WCE, Inc. we review the customer’s design data and provide DFM tips. With this careful review and input, WCE, Inc. ensures reliability and manufacturability before building prototypes. WCE, Inc. has established strong relationships with our PCB partners and are able to match design features with their capabilities. This reduces cost and lead time while improving reliability.

WCE, Inc. believes in becoming an integral and seamless part of our customer’s manufacturing strategy, We provide a full range of services to support all aspects of the process from module assembly to board level assembly. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities include Ball Grid Array (BGA) and Chip Scale Packaging (CSP).

WCE, Inc. is well known for our fast, but accurate, prototype assembly. When customers require 24 hour prototype assembly, functional testing and trouble shooting, we are able to come through for them with our flexible manufacturing systems. Box Build

To provide continued seamless support, WCE, Inc. also provides packaging and shipping services as part of our box build option. We assemble, serialize, configure and track products for our customers in all lot sizes beginning with one unit. We offer customer specific packaging using our customer’s boxes or boxes we design for them. We can drop-ship to the customer’s distributions site(s), or directly to the end user.

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