Responsible Sourcing Network

RSN champions human rights with vulnerable communities in the mining and harvesting of raw materials found in products we use every day.

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Responsible Sourcing Network (RSN), a project of the nonprofit organization As You Sow (, is dedicated to ending human rights abuses and forced labor associated with the raw materials found in products we use every day. RSN builds responsible supply chain coalitions of diverse stakeholders including investors, companies, and human rights advocates. Currently, RSN works with network participants to leverage their influence in the areas of conflict minerals from the Congo and forced labor in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan to create positive change for brands, consumers, and the impacted communities.

Responsible Sourcing Network Postings

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Expectations for Companies' Conflict Minerals Reporting

Apr 24, 2014 | Darren Fenwick, Patricia Jurewicz.

By May 31, 2014, it is expected that companies, officially known as issuers, will be required to take the unprecedented step of submitting their first conflict minerals disclosures to the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. This paper is intended to describe the content that certain sustainable and responsible investors, or SRIs, and nongovernmental organizations, or NGOs, expect to see in an issuer's Specialized Disclosure, or Form SD, and Conflict Minerals Report, or CMR, if a CMR is deemed necessary....

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