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PRO220 Video Inspection System

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Manufacturer of Video Inspection Systems. Ergonomic system design, Great depth of field & large field of view, Can be used for low or high magnification, In focus for the entire zoom range, Subject can be viewed by an entire group

Santa Ana, California, USA

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PRO220 Video Inspection System

PRO220 Video Inspection System


PRO220 Video Inspection System



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Apollos Industries


PRO220 Video Inspection System Description:

The PRO220 Video Inspection System in Full HD on a large Hi-Resolution monitor gives he operator the flexibility to look at small or large parts with a great depth of field and large field of view, all from an extended working distance of 6”-16”. The system can be configured to use in low or high magnification and stays in focus for the entire zoom range providing  brilliant  detail and image quality.  With its fully enclosed design it is very dependable even in diverse work environments.

The Ergonomic design allows the operator the ability to sit or stand giving freedom of head and body movement. Safety glasses or eyeglasses can be worn during use. Viewing at the same time is now possible for one or an entire group, improving communication. Quality and productivity are increased when the operator is provided with a comfortable working environment. 

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