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Digital Microsope

Digital Microsope


Digital Microsope



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Magnifier Engineering & Trading Company ( Metco )


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We take our opportunity to introduce you one of our latest and Imported Products
USB Digital microscopes to you.

Download  Here USB Digital Microscope Product Catalogue Relevant catalogue enclosed gives all the technical details.

What is a digital microscope and how does it work?

A digital microscope does what a normal microscope does but it typically has to be connected to a computer
to see the images and has the ability, unlike a traditional microscope, to save and manipulate the images that are captured.
It works in much the same way as a digital camera but with microscope lenses attached. Some models even
have their own in-built screens and memory and are no bigger than a camera, making them a fully portable option.

Once the images are captured through a digital microscope, they can be saved; they can be manipulated and measured;
changes over time can be compared; they can be projected to a wider audience via a data projector or interactive white board,  or emailed to others for discussion.

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We hope that you may find our product in line with your requirements and look forward to receiving your valued order.
We shall be pleased to extend our maximum co-operation and hope to serve you soon in nearest future.We are waiting
for your positive response.

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