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PLS 980C Lead-free Wave Soldering System

PLS 980C Lead-free Wave Soldering System

PLS 980C Lead-free Wave Soldering System


PLS 980C Lead-free Wave Soldering System


Wave Soldering

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PLS 980C Lead-free Wave Soldering System Description:

PLS 980C has a synchronal feeding system. Synchronal chain with claws design, no noise, smooth conveying. Control system: Industry computer with signal processing by hearing is reliable and stable. Far IR preheating system to prevent the temperature going down. New type boost spraying system of the welding flux reduces the dosage of the flux. Conveying system: imported motor for driving with overload protection device. The width of the substrate is adjusted automatically by computer.

  • Preheating Section (Infrared+ hot air): 4Kw * 2
  • Preheating temperature: Room-temperature ~180
  • Preheating control mode: PID Mode 
  • Power of tin stove heating tube:2Kw * 8
  • Jointing control mode:PID Mode
  • Wave crest motor: imported high temperature resistant motor
  • Soldering tin capability:Max.500kg(Sn63Pb37),430Kg(Sn100%)
  • PCB width: Max.250mm
  • PCB Transmission speed: 0.5~1.8m/min
  • Transmission motor power: 90W
  • Gross power: 36Kw
  • Working power: 18Kw 
  • Power supply:Three-phase,380V,50Hz
  • Air supply: above 5Mpa 
  • Gas pressure of spray: 0.25Mpa~0.4Mpa
  • Spray gun driving type: need a spraying machine outside
  • Cooling system: wind cooling system.
  • Dimension (L*W*H) 4120 *1280 *1630
  • Weight: about 1050kg

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