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ALPHA® Stencils - Optimizing Paste Deposits

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MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

A materials supplier to the electronics industry. Our breadth of products includes Solder Paste, Solder Preforms, Stencils, Liquid Soldering Flux, Soldering Alloys, Cored Wire, Adhesives, Cleaners and Sinter Technologies

Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA


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 ALPHA® Stencils - Optimizing Paste Deposits

 ALPHA® Stencils - Optimizing Paste Deposits


ALPHA® Stencils - Optimizing Paste Deposits


Solder Paste Stencils

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MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

ALPHA® Stencils - Optimizing Paste Deposits Description:

ALPHA® Stencil products are based on unique blends of advanced technology, the experience gained from having made over half a million solder paste stencils, the specialist knowledge that could only be accumulated by a company privileged to produce both solder pastes and printing stencils, all combined with a genuine will to meet your most stringent delivery expectations.

ALPHA® Stencils Selection:

ALPHA® Cut Laser Cut Stainless Steel Stencils

ALPHA® Cut Laser Cut Stencils are designed and manufactured to provide the ultimate stencil printing performance for most surface mount requirements, particularly when used in conjunction with ALPHA® Solder Pastes or ALPHA® Surface Mount Adhesives. The stencils are manufactured using a CAD/CAM driven high precision XY-laser cutting process. The apertures generated through this technique give a trapezoidal geometry.

ALPHA® Form™ Electroformed Nickel Stencils

State-of-the-art ALPHA® FORM electro-formed stencils are designed for electronics assemblers requiring superior printing performance down to microelectronic levels – even below 0.4 mm pitch. They provide high accuracy, durability, and long life for high volume printing applications.

ALPHA® Repair Mini and Micro Stencils

ALPHA® REPAIR are mini and micro rework stencils, for the controlled, localized printing of solder pastes for reattaching single components, particularly BGAs, µBGAs, PLCCs, QFNs and QFPs to circuit boards. Rework is a combination of art and science and the positioning and volume of the solder paste deposit is critical to its success. ALPHA® REPAIR stencils utilize the device footprint details and the original stencil aperture modification data to optimize the paste deposit. ALPHA® REPAIR stencils are also suitable for depositing flux pastes and electronics adhesives.

ALPHA® Inspect™ Visual Inspection Masks

ALPHA® INSPECT™ cover stencils are laser cut masks, used to assist manual inspection and may be used to enhance AOI efficiency. ALPHA® INSPECT™ masks are designed to fit over populated boards with the devices showing through the apertures in the mask. By effectively ‘matting’ the background, missing devices become easier to identify, both manually and in some automated systems.

ALPHA® Nickel-Cut

State-of-the-art ALPHA® NICKEL-CUT™ stencils are hybrids, combining the durability of electroformed nickel stencils with the fast availability of laser cut stencils for electronics assemblers requiring a long life product with outstanding print performance.

ALPHA® TETRABOND™ Frameless Stencil Foils Taking "Frameless" Stencil Technology to a New Level

All Alpha Stencils are available as frameless foils for mounting in Alpha Tetra and VectorGuard foil frames. Alpha are now taking this technology to a new level with the launch of ALPHA® Tetreabond™. ALPHA Tetrabond™ is the culmination of "frameless" stencil development; an elegantly simple system designed to enhance the rigidity of the foil, making safe mounting and demounting an easier proposition. Innovatively encompassed in a thin, one piece aluminum extrusion, ALPHA Tetrabond™ stencil foils are designed for use with Tetra and VectorGuard foil tensioning frames and are backward compatible with the majority of frames currently in the market. They are available with all Alpha® stencil technologies (ALPHA® CUT, ALPHA® NICKEL-CUT™and ALPHA® FORM) to suit the majority of printer size requirements.


A range of high precision, metal squeegees to suit all popular print machines and squeegee holders. ALPHA® Squeegees™ are designed to ensure optimum aperture fill by encouraging ‘paste roll’, while minimising topside paste smearing on the stencil.

ALPHA® STEP™ Multi-level, Step Stencil Technology

ALPHA® STEP™ Multi-level, Step Stencil Technology offers the SMT engineer significant flexibility in achieving the right solder paste volume deposit for devices with markedly diverse paste requirement. They can provide additional paste height in selected areas of the PCB (step-up stencils) or reduced height deposits in other areas (step down stencils). Design "keep out area1" rules must be adhered to when incorporating step areas into a stencil.

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