Kolb Cleaning Technology USA LLC

The international full service manufacturer of systems, detergents, equipment and process design for the cleaning in electronics production.


Kolb Cleaning Technology GmbH, Germany, is one of the world´s leading companies for cleaning systems used in the electronics producing industry. Located in Willich, close to the city of Dusseldorf, our owner-managed medium-sized enterprise has gained international reputation as an innovative manufacturer, known to be the founder and pioneer of aqueous system cleaning in the electronics industry.

Since more than 25 year kolb permanently sets new standards and benchmarks in the industry when it comes to machinery engineering, chemistry development and process design.

kolb CLEANING TECHNOLOGY provides solutions for the cleaning of:

  • PCB assemblies, DCBs, ceramic substrates, HDIs, SIPs
  • Misprints, printer screens, stencils, PumpPrint stencils
  • Solder frames, solder pallets, solder carriers, ESD boxes, PCB storage racks
  • Condensation traps, cyclones, tubings
  • Machine parts and other production tools

kolb CLEANING TECHNOLOGY is market leader in the fields of:

  • Ultrafine cleaning systems
  • Fine cleaning systems
  • Maintenance and parts cleaning systems
  • Water based cleaning detergents

kolb CLEANING TECHNOLOGY offers innovative technologies:

  • PowerSpray® (PS - Pressure spray cleaning)
  • AF AirFlow® (AF - Immersion and air cleaning)
  • TS TernarySequence® (TS - Regenerative cleaning detergents)

Kolb Cleaning Technology USA LLC Postings

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Environmentally sound: Aqueous cleaning with minimum water consumption

Jan 23, 2017 | Connie Miede

"Water is not a problem of the future, but a key issue of our time for businesses: In the future, urgent water risks will increase in many areas of the world. A growing population, a changing consumer behavior and climate change will have an immediate impact on the availability and quality of water and thus build further pressure on governments, businesses and societies." (Quote from the summary of the 2014 WWF study "The imported risk. Germany's water risk in the age of globalization.")...

Cleaning Of Assembled PCBs - A Crucial Way of Enhancing Product Reliability and Avoiding Problems in the Field

Oct 09, 2014 | Wilfried Clemens.

Over the last years more and more international newspapers reported in Europe / USA and Japan: "Tunnel train got stuck under the Channel – thousands of people stranded", "Recall of thousands of cars to workshops for control and repair", "Power Failures left households without energy for hours." Very often news like this relate to malfunctions of electric and electronic circuits under adverse conditions or sometimes even in normal operating environment (...)

The presentation will deal with all kinds of aspect of cleaning to ensure the reliability of electronic circuitry in ever changing operation conditions in the most important industrial areas....

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