Javad EMS

Javad EMS (JEMS) is an EMS company focused on low- to medium-volume, high-mix applications for customers that need prototype through volume production and want to get it from one source.

Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Contract Manufacturer, Service Provider

Javad Electronic Manufacturing Services.

JEMS’ headquarters is a 40,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Silicon Valley, updated to the highest standards of electronics manufacturing services, communication, client support, employee comfort and training. Today, JEMS is thriving and boasts four continuous flow SMT lines complete with inline 3D SPI and AOI.

We demonstrate and practice our Mission Statement by:

  • The expertise of our people and their continuous training,
  • The quality of our equipment, tools and processes,
  • Our work place and the cooperative spirit of our people,
  • The quality and speed of our services,
  • Our financial strength and profitability to support all of the above, we have purchased and fully paid for all of our real estate.

Javad EMS Postings

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JAVAD EMS Ramps up Large Board format Production with Another High-Speed Mounter

Feb 01, 2020 | JAVAD EMS (JEMS) announces that it has installed a KE-3020VXL High Speed Flexible Mounter. JEMS is a long-standing Juki customer, adding this system to its existing four Juki lines.

JAVAD EMSReaches 10-Year Milestone in 2020

Jan 29, 2020 | JAVAD EMS (JEMS) announces the company’s 10-year anniversary. JEMS was founded in 2010 and a large majority of employees have been with company since the beginning.

Javad EMS Adds Large Board Line

Dec 20, 2014 | avad EMS (JEMS)announces that it has added a large board line to continue meeting customer needs. With the use of HDI printed circuit boards, more densely populated boards using high pin count BGAs, QFNs and LGAs, micro BGAs, and smaller and smaller devices including 10005s, it seems that assemblies should be getting smaller in size. However, in some cases it is the inverse: printed circuit boards are getting larger. This has prompted JEMS to make a sizeable investment to provide large board capability to customers. With a planned expenditure and installation of more than $1.45 million in Q3/14, the company will have the capability of handling boards that are up to 22x26" in an in-line manufacturing process to complement its three other existing Juki surface mount lines.

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