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Asahitec offers high precision and high quality products guaranteeing only the best in photoengraving and imaging technologies. Asahitec offers world class products without compromising on quality and is respected by customers.

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs

We offer highly innovative technologies that are time tested and result oriented. We showcase a host of products that include SMT stencils, equipment, consumables, premalex squeegees, inspection templates, grid lok, pallets & tooling and vacuum metallization. Some of the technologies we embrace include F2 technology and F3 Nano coating. We are always ahead of times in delivering to our customers only the best of services.

We service various industrial sectors that include semiconductor industry, automotive industry, electronic industry, electrical industry and ceramic industry. Our patented F2 polishing technology makes us stand apart from competitors. We have implemented this in SMT stencils with success.

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SMT Stencil

SMT stencils ensures the best means to apply solder paste on SMDs. Using stencils the right amount of solder paste is released to make the electrical connection optimum. There are a range of prototype stencil and frameless stencil in varied size a...

Solder Paste Stencils

Metcal soldering rework

PCB Cleaning