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JUKI 102 nozzle E35027210A0

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ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited professional in Surface-Mount Technology area and supports most major brands of electronic asembly equipments with a large selections of compatible SMT.

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JUKI 102 nozzle E35027210A0

JUKI 102 nozzle E35027210A0


JUKI 102 nozzle E35027210A0


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ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited


JUKI 102 nozzle E35027210A0 Description:

JUKI 102 nozzle E35027210A0

 JUKI E51157060B0 LINK ASM JUKI E5115706AB0 RINK 24 ASM JUKI E5115715000 BU SPACER (1.6) JUKI E5117172000 ROLLER CATCH JUKI E5117706000 LINK JUKI E5118706A00 KNOCK_LEVER_B_SPACER JUKI E5119706000 KNOCK LEVER B 24 JUKI E5120706000 BEARING SHAFT 24 JUKI E5120706000A BEARING SHAFT 24 JUKI E51247150B0 BOC CAMERA SUB ASM. JUKI E5125706A00 REEL_AUXILIRY_SP24 JUKI E513070600A STOPPER 24-8 JUKI E513070600B STOPPER 24-12 JUKI E513070600C STOPPER 24-16 JUKI E513070600D STOPPER 24-20 JUKI E513070600E STOPPER 24-24 JUKI E513070600F STOPER 24-FS

M/P: +86 15323874439


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