Shenzhen Bihui Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

Used Juki SMT machines.

Equipment Dealer / Broker

Shenzhen Bihui Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional SMT equipment maintenance service and sales and accessories sales of professional services companies. Our technical department by the number of senior professional SMT equipment maintenance technicians , all of whom have many years experience in the maintenance of equipment ; SMT equipment to provide customers with installation , maintenance , personnel training and train service.

Our main items:

  • selling used machines JUKI
  • provide JUKI equipment maintenance
  • provide JUKI board , LASER, motors and other maintenance services
  • provide JUKI original accessories (FEEDER, NOZZLE, EJECTOR, LASER, SHAFT, CONTROL, BOARD, MOTOR , etc. )
  • provide a new machine JUKI trading...
Jet Printing and Cleaning Challenges

pcb precision cleaning