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Syagrus Systems specializes in high mix low volume SMD tape and reel packaging to support component distributors and OEM's. Our SMD tape and reel services exceed EIA standards with 100% inspection at lower costs then competitors.

Arden Hills, Minnesota, USA

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Wafer Backgrinding

Wafer Backgrinding


Wafer Backgrinding



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Syagrus Systems


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Syagrus Systems uses the 3M Wafer Support System to meet the demands of today's technology companies for extremely thin silicon wafers and die used in complex applications. We have over 15 years of silicon wafer thinning and wafer backgrinding experience, including bumped wafer backgrinding and have provided wafer backgrind services since 1997.

Precision Backgrind & Thinning Services

We use fully-automated Disco and Strasbaugh wafer backgrinding equipment to achieve the highest possible level of quality and can continuously achieve thin wafer target thicknesses to less than 0.050mm (0.002”).  To achieve these ultra thin thicknesses requires a grind wheel with an extremely fine diamond grit. This ultra fine grind wheel is our standard for all backgrind target thicknesses and is superior to industry-standard 2000 grit. Other grind wheel options are available upon request.

All wafer backgrinding is performed in a class 10K cleanroom with critical thin wafer taping processes performed at a class 100 workstation.

Because timing is critical, we have streamlined our wafer thinning process so that you can enjoy same-day, 24 hour, or 48 hour cycle times.

We stock a wide variety of tapes for backgrind use, so you can be sure we'll have the correct tape for your application.

Full Service Wafer Backgrinding

Syagrus Systems takes pride in partnering with today’s startup technology companies, and we've become the back-end manufacturing arm for many fabless IC manufacturers.  Whether you have one wafer or 10,000 wafers that require thinning or backgrind services, we understand that your success is our success.

Our custom backgrinding and wafer thinning service is capable of handling a wide variety of customer requirements, such as thinning partial wafers or single die.

Wafer thinning is only one step in our process offereings; through our supplier partners, we also offer post grind stress relief processes such as SEZ etch and CMP.

Details of our wafer backgrinding & wafer thinning services:

  • Thin wafers from 4" to 8" diameter
  • Ultra thin wafer backgrinding to target thickness of 0.025mm (0.001")
  • Single die backgrinding
  • Partial wafer backgrinding
  • Bumped wafer backgrinding
  • Available same day cycle times
  • Thickness variance under 5 microns
  • Ultra fine grind wheels to obtain low stress polish or mirror like finish
  • Wide selection of grinding tapes
  • Use our engineering staff for your engineering and prototype runs
  • Safe, damage resistant packaging to support thin wafer shipping
  • Class 10k cleanroom environment

Syagrus Systems can take your thin wafer all the way singulated die form. We provide complete, professional wafer dicing service, automated die visual inspection service, and wafer die sort services.

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