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SMT conveyor


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SMT conveyor,PCB linking conveyor,PCB conveyor

Multi-use SMEMA-compatible pass-through SMT conveyor and PCB linking conveyor for PCB printed circuit board, this is the belt Edge Conveyors are specifically designed for transporting PCBs, BGA flex arrays, MCMs, and ceramic substrates with electronic assembly, test, and inspection equipment.

SMT conveyor can link the smt pcb magazine loader unloader for smt assembly, this PCB conveyor are mainly used for equipment linking, visual inspection, manual assembly, and PCB buffering functions. Their advantage is the short length, which allows them to be placed anywhere when you have space limitations.

ASCEN technology co.,ltd is available to offer the full range of boards handling machines and also the non-standard transportation solution for the SMT industries.including PCB magazine loader, PCB magazine unloader, Magazine PCB unloader, Magazine PCB loader, multi magazine pcb loader , pcb multi magazine loaderSMT magazine pcb loader, Magazine NG ok PCB unloader, multi magazine NG OK pcb unloader,PCB destacker,PCB vacuum loader,PCB vacuum suction loader,PCB stacker,PCB magazine vacuum loader, mini PCB magazine loader,multi magazine loader L type,dual magazine unloader,PCB NG OK unloader,multi magazine PCB unloader,Lift gate PCB conveyor,PCB flip conveyor,PCB shuttle conveyor,PCB coating conveyor, telescopic gate conveyor,PCB turn conveyor,PCB linking conveyor,NG reject PCB conveyor, PCB inspection conveyor , dual lane PCB conveyor,SMT multi magazine loader ,PCB loader, PCB unloader, PCB online loader are available as standard and customized products and can be equipped to fit special requirements

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please go to the web :
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1,Special aluminum guide rails and special type plover ESD antistatic plastic chain.

2, With the special structure of anti clamping plate and foolproof.

3, Using T Screw to adjust the width smoothly

4, Adopt green anti-static belt

5, Customized the length of the machine according to customer's request.

6, Light, Fan, Inspection function are available

7, PCB conveyor with SMEMA communication interface, can be connected with other automation equipment.

SMT conveyor  technical parameters


Scope of application

Model number:                  (PCB link conveyor type)

HY-460 conveyor


600(length optional )*750*900mm

PCB Width


Conveyor Height


PCB Direction




Power Consumption


Power Supply

1P AC220V 50/60HZ

Guide-rail Length

0.6-2M(or as requirement)

Control method

Press key+PLC

Foot switch


Platform Material

ESD Rubber Mat

Communication Plug

SMEMA Signal Plug for up/down line Double-wire cable

power consumption


Track length

600mm(it depend on your requirement)



Note: please confirm us the following detail when you inquiry:

1, what is the PCB linking conveyor length you need?

2, How many section you need for your PCB linking conveyor?

3, What is your Max.PCB width?

4, Whether need add the emergency button and the start button/ specified power cord  

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