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optical coordinate measuring machine

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optical coordinate measuring machine

optical coordinate measuring machine


optical coordinate measuring machine



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optical coordinate measuring machine Description:

image measuring machine,optical coordinate measuring machine,Vision Measuring System

AMT series optical coordinate vision measuring machine are economical and high cost performance; it adopted the precision slant girder, the good rigidity and light moving bridge frame that is full closed frame structure, configured with famous brand control system, probe head system, vision measurement system and AC-DMIS software (AEH owns the independent intellectual rights). AMT series vision measuring machine are especially suitable for the workshop and measurement department, and it is wildly used in industries like aerospace, automobile, electronics and molding, etc.

Vision Measuring System Application: 
Optical coordinate measuring machine mainly used in machinery, automobile, aviation, military industry, furniture, tools, prototypes, small and medium-sized machinery and other accessories, mold and other industries in the enclosure, frame, gear, CAM, worm gear, worm, measurement of blade, curve and curved surface and so on, can also be used in electronic, metal, plastic and other industries, can be the workpiece size, shape, form and position tolerances of precision detection, so as to complete parts inspection, such as shape measurement, process control task.


ASCEN technology co.,ltd provide the integrated 3D Optical Vision Measuring Machine for the automatic manufacturing in the high precision. video measuring system including with different type, include bridge type image measuring machine , manual pcb vision measuring machine, simple type image measuring machine, CNC automatic VMM , full auto image measuring instrument , PCB vision measuring machine , one-button fast measuring instrument , optical coordinate measuring machine , large size vision measuring machine are available as standard and customized products and can be equipped to fit special requirements

If you want know more solution about the automatic manufacturing assembly process,please go to the web: or sent us the email:

Whatsapp/Tel: 8613377777085, Skype: supplier889

Our intelligent solution will surprise to you!

Optical coordinate measuring machine Instrument features:

Measurement of geometric elements, including points, lines, planes, circles, balls, cylinders, cones, etc.;

Measuring high-precision geometric parts and surfaces;

Measuring mechanical parts with complex shapes;

Free surface detection;

1) Full closed frame structure makes the machine appearance compact.

2) X, Y and Z axes adopt precision granite air bearing rail guide, three axes have the same temperature effect that make sure the measuring accuracy. 

3) X axis adopt patented 45 ° trapezoidal section technology.

4) Advanced F.E.M (Finite element method) optimizes the machine structure.

5) Software limit switch, electric limit switch and hardware limit switch are installed and some protection functions are set up, such as air bearing protection, cylinder pressure protection, and power-off protection if long time no body operate the machine, which greatly improve the operation safety.

6) The precision grating system offer accurate and reliable length measurement basis to ensure the measuring repeatability.

7) Famous brand professional control system guarantees the movement stability.

8) 21 geometric errors correction technology

9) Automatic temperature compensation system is optional.

10) CCD camera is optional, that makes the CMM also have optical vision measuring function.

optical coordinate measuring machine​ Technical Parameters:




Measuring area 

500mm *600mm*400mm(XYZ)

 600mm *800mm*600mm(XYZ)

External Size

 1156 mm×1920 mm×2210 mm

 1356 mm×1940 mm×2710 m




Indication error



Detection error

 ≤ 2.0mm

 ≤ 2.5mm

Grating ruler

  Renishaw Metal grating ruler

Scale resolution


Control system


Air Supply System 

  Min. Air Pressure:5.5bar(0.55MPa) 

  Air Consumption:250NL/min 

 Electrical Requirements

 Voltage:  220V ± 10%  ,Frequency:  50/60 Hz 

   Current:   15 A  ,Power:   < 1100W  

   Earth resistance:    < 4Ω

  Environment Specifications

 verage Room Temperature: 18 - 22°C 

Maximum Thermal Gradients: 2 °C/day, 1°C/hour, 1°C/meter surrounding the machine.

Humidity: 40% to 70%2).

The location must be far away from the vibration source to avoid being placed above the two floor so as not to affect the accuracy of the vibration

Avoid direct sunlight and use the RC structure as far as possible

  The air outlet of the air conditioner avoids direct blowing to the machine, and it is best to have an automatic temperature control system 

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