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full auto image measuring instrument

full auto image measuring instrument

full auto image measuring instrument


full auto image measuring instrument



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full auto image measuring instrument Description:

full auto image measuring instrument,Vision Measuring Machine,Vision Measuring System

The full automatic vision measuring instrument has three ways of manual measurement,CNC scanning measurement and automatic learning measurement, and the three modes of modules can be superimposed for compound measurement. It can be scanned to create a bird's-eye map to achieve full screen target traction, and the generated graphics of the measurement results are synchronized with the image map.

ASCEN technology co.,ltd provide the integrated 3D Optical Vision Measuring Machine for the automatic manufacturing in the high precision. video measuring system including with different type, include bridge type image measuring machine , manual pcb vision measuring machine, simple type image measuring machine, CNC automatic VMM , full auto image measuring instrument , PCB vision measuring machine , one-button fast measuring instrument , optical coordinate measuring machine , large size vision measuring machine are available as standard and customized products and can be equipped to fit special requirements

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Mechanism and Application Characteristics of Image Measuring Instrument:

1.Construction of the instrument: 

Designed  with  workbench  of  a  marble  panel  base and cantilever-type  mechanism ,the  instrument  is  characterized  by  steady  accuracy ,  good adaptability to working environment, simple, strong,  non-deformable  and  good-looking  body structure, and ergonomically designed operating mechanism, and meanwhile is equipped with powerful measuring software and is easy to operate.

2.Movement of Mechanism: 

With tri-axial manual control mode, this vision measuring instrument is equipped with high-accuracy polished  rod, FUJIE high-accuracy guide rail,  and meanwhile coupled with professional measuring software for measuring.

3. Merits with the non-contact  auto-measuring  instrument : 

This  full auto image measuring instrument can  avoid human error of the “Object Work Piece” as caused  by  manual  measuring,  and  can  as  well avoid secondary damage caused to “Object Work Piece” by manual measuring, with  ensured mass stability and criteria consistency of the object work piece. This instrument can  enhance multi-fold the detecting efficiency in the production process,  identify the  defects  and  control over non-yields beforehand in production process, and can meanwhile help lower  part of  the costs spent on manual detection, and increase the timeliness of product delivery.

4.Applicable  scope : 

this  pcb vision measuring  instrument  can  be  used  for  dimensional  accuracy measurement of various molds,aircraft, automobile, mobile phone, computer,  metals and hardware, plastics, electronics,  die-cutting, screen printing and stencil, LCP film, PCB board, FPC, LCDTFT, glass  cover-plate,  TP, and frame of ultra-large LCD,as well as for auxiliary measurements such as 2D and 3D measuring as needed in reverse engineering, graphic R&D,design, plotting and editing, and laboratory, etc.

5.Main  functional  configurations  of  instrument: 

this  instrument is  used in coupling with dedicated image measuring software, high-definition color 650TV CCD, high resolution of 0.7–4.5folds(special high-definition zoom and fixed-focus screen optical lens),dedicated computer, LCD, keyboard, mouse (optional) and digital measurement.

6. Overall Merits:

A.Suitable for measuring applications of multi-variety, complex dimensions and demanding measuring accuracy, with even easy and quick measuring efficacy  and  enhanced  measuring efficiency.

B. Image measuring instrument has the following merits with regard to  image  processing : automatic burrs skip-over,  auto  generating  measurement  reports  and  results  statistics, and open for linking to printers, etc., suitable for wide industry applications.

7. Saving cost: This instrument can achieve multiple functions on the same set of equipment,resulting in saved user costs for  repeated  purchasing  of  measurement  devices  as well as saved labor costs and equipment occupation space. It can meet the needs of user enterprises for greater development in the future and the demand for rapid expansion of product testing to lay sound foundation for users'quality assurance.

full auto image measuring instrument Technical Parameters:

Paramter and Model





Platfom size(mm)




Glass table size(mm)









X axis(mm)




Y axis(mm)




Z axis(mm)




Image and measurement system

Display resolution(mm)


Instrument precision(um)


Imaging system(CCD)

HD color 650TV

Zoom objective(X)

Zoom objective 0.7~4.5X

Total video magnification(x)


Working distance(mm)


Light source

LED programmable partiton light source(Coaxial light source optional)

Outline dimension(mm)








Power supply

220V AC  50Hz

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