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PCB inspection Vision Measuring Machine

PCB inspection Vision Measuring Machine

PCB inspection Vision Measuring Machine


PCB inspection Vision Measuring Machine



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PCB inspection Vision Measuring Machine Description:

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The PCB inspection Vision Measuring Machine is based on the CCD digital image, which is based on the computer screen measurement technology and the powerful software capability of space geometry operation. After installing special control and graphics measurement software, the computer has become the measuring brain with software soul, and it is the main body of the whole device. It can quickly read the displacement values of the optical ruler. By the software module based on the spatial geometry, the results are obtained in a flash, and the graphics are generated on the screen for the operator to compare the images, so that the deviation of the measured results can be clearly identified. All this is done in real time before today's powerful computing power. The operator can not detect it. This precision instrument, which can use CCD digital images and computer software operation to meet the needs of complex measurement, is the true meaning of the image measuring instrument.


1.PCB inspection Vision Measuring Machine Adopt Germany SB double closed-loop motion control, motor with precise positioning performance in high-speed movement.

2. Using Japan COOMUSK servo control motor, not only increasing motor speed, but also simplifies the instrument and the PC-interface, PC machines and instruments through the USB line and S-Video cable to connect.

3.With granite platform ,newest stand column and worktable, look simple and generous.

Surface light formed by 40 groups independent light source, each group is constant current source driver and 200-step continuous variable.

X axis takes granite cross beam as foundation to ensure that the mechanism will not deform and the beam will not sag in the middle.

The X axis linear guide rail takes up the design, accords with the best force principle of the guide rail, and has the characteristics of high precision and stable operation.

7, the X axis granite back is uniquely made of thick steel locking, which enhances the toughness of the X shaft and ensures that the beams will not break.

8, the Y axis unique hardware closed loop design, at the bottom of the column adopts steel plate connection, is a beam and column form a whole, ensure that the mechanism will not deform.

9, Y axis intermediate drive, X axis hardware closed loop structure, to ensure that the operation does not appear the physical phenomenon of left and right swing or tail flick, and the accuracy is improved.

Z axis adopts cross guide rail, and uses ball screw drive to ensure stable operation and ensure accuracy.

11. VCAD image measurement software can be automatically programmed and fully automated.

ASCEN technology co.,ltd provide the integrated 3D Optical Vision Measuring Machine for the automatic manufacturing in the high precision. video measuring system including with different type, include bridge type image measuring machine , manual pcb vision measuring machine, simple type image measuring machine, CNC automatic VMM , full auto image measuring instrument , PCB vision measuring machine , one-button fast measuring instrument , optical coordinate measuring machine , large size vision measuring machine are available as standard and customized products and can be equipped to fit special requirements

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PCB inspection Vision Measuring Machine​ Technical Parameters:

Paramter and Model





Platfom size(mm)




Glass table size(mm)




Load-bearing weight(kg)





X axis(mm)




Y axis(mm)




Z axis(mm)




   Image and measurement System    

Display resolution(mm)


Instrument precision(um)


Imaging system(CCD)

TEO HD color

Zoom objective(X)

High percision automatic zoom lens program control

Total video magnification(x)


Working distance(mm)


Light source

LED programmable partiton light source(Coaxial light source optional)

Outline dimension(mm)




Weight (kgs)




Power supply

220V AC 50HZ,110V AC 60HZ

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