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ASCEN PCB cutting machine PCB depaneling machine

ASCEN PCB cutting machine PCB depaneling machine

ASCEN PCB cutting machine PCB depaneling machine


ASCEN PCB cutting machine PCB depaneling machine



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ASCEN Technology

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ASCEN Technology

Manufacturer of automated production systems;PCB magazine loader,PCB separator,PCB cutting machine,PCB unloaders, PCB conveyors,PCB depaneling machines,PCB turn conveyors,PCB conformal coaters,PCB solder paste printer,PCB buffer

Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Cleaning, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Manufacturer of Test Equipment, Screen Printing, Selective Soldering

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ASCEN PCB cutting machine PCB depaneling machine Description:

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PCB cutting machine , PCB separator , PCB depaneling machine, PCB V-cut separator, auto PCB separator

ASCEN PCB cutting machine ASC-620 model can be customized by the customer’s special demand, and to resolve the problems of the tin point, the parts or the circuitry of the PCB when separate the combined PCB and causes the risk of stress. It’s used to groove v-cut’s PCB, the structure is very strong, the balde and guide can make an adjustment for match the PCB, The separate speed can control by the user.

PCB cutting machine description:

1. Cut any length metal board more safety and easily.      

2. Separates long boards directly,without turn direction .

3. Separates boards up to 2.5mm  thick  Metal Board     

4. Shears boards safely with parts as close as 0.5mm to the score line,including ceramic capacitors

5. PCB cutting machine 620 model suitable cutting material of PCB :aluminum ,FR4,glass fiber.

6, No vibration during the process to prevent damage to precise PCB
7,Gap for insertion of the board can easily be adjusted by means of the adjusting knob in the top side of the machine, low friction design is applied.
8,Lower knife height adjustable, the front and real portion can be adjusted separately. No thin plates are required after re-sharpening the knife.

9,Operation and maintenance can be done also by unskilled personnel.

ASCEN technology co.,ltd provide a full SMT automatic assembly line,solutions,including PCB magazine loader , PCB cutting machine , PCB depaneling machine , PCB conveyor , PCB link conveyor , PCB inspection station , PCB inspection conveyor , PCB belt conveyor , auto PCB conveyor , PCB turn conveyor , auto PCB solder paste printer , PCB magazine unloader , PCB loader machine , PCB coating conveyor , PCB cutting machine , PCB cutting machine , PCB magazine loader , PCB conveyor , PCB coating conveyor , auto PCB screen printer , vision measuring machine , PCB loader machine , PCB multi magazine loader , SMT magazine loader , PCB magazine unloader , PCB V-cut machine , telescopic gate conveyor are available as standard and customized products and can be equipped to fit special requirements.

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PCB cutting machine technical parameters:



Model No

(ASCEN PCB cutting machine)


Max Cutting Length


Cutting Thickness

0.5 to 3.5 mm

Working Pressure

0.6 to 0.8 Mpa , dry air source

Max Height of Component


Equipment Dimension


Working Voltage

AC 220V 50~60HZ

Gross weight


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