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DediProg is a company aiming at the solutions of IC programming of EEPROM, SPI Flash,NOR Flash, NAND FLASH, Microcontroller, eMMC,CPLD and other programmable devices.

Taipei, Taiwan


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DP600-A Description:

DP600-A is a new generation Automatic taping machine, which is designed to be simple and easy operated; tape width adjustment can be finished within 10 seconds without any tool. DP600-A supports devices packaged in 8~88mm width tape. With advanced characteristics DP600-A offers the best solution for manufacturing process.

 Checking System

 Cover Tape Sensor: The sensor will alarm when running out of cover tape. 
 Empty Pocket Sensor: Check if each pocket has carried an IC. 
 Floating Chip Sensor: Check the floating IC.

High Compatible

SDP600-A is fitted with RS232/IO port for easy integration with most automatic system.
It has optional IC marker and CCD inspection devices thus allows DP600-A not only support automatic system integration but also help with production line’s quality assurance, marking and packaging procedures.

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