Lepla srl

Lepla srl electronic contract manufacturer, specialized in the SMT & THT Electronic Cards Assembling, Wiring Assembling Harness, In-Circuit, Parametric and Functional Testing.

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer

Lepla srl is a  Hi tech, young, flexible and well skilled Italian ECM, we are specialized in:

  • SMD THT Electronic Cards Assembling
  • Wiring Assembling Harness
  • In-Circuit, Parametric and Functional Testing
  • Conformal Coating and Potting
  • SMD Taping Service

Thanks to the high tech equipment, our company is able to realize any electronic cards by traditional  or SMT  technology achieving  any finishing level required.

 With a production line of:

  • n. 1  screen printing DEK265 and
  • n. 2 pick & place machines MYDATA MY9 in line with each other we can handle large batches,
  • the loading / unloading is managed by an automatic loader / unloader e-cube.

With the other line of:

  •  n. 1 screen and a pick & place MYDATA MY12 we can handle small batches or samples,
  • the loading process is assured by a loader e-cube.
  • with a CAM / ALOT 1414 to lay the targeted glue points.
  • 8 zones TOLO LY-8C oven allows to create optimal profiles even for the more complex cards,
  • even on this production step the loading / unloading is automatized.

The AOI department has a machine

  • TRI 7500 with 5 cameras that allow targeted and certain inspections

In support of inspections, there is a smudge X-RAY Matsunaga

For the reworking step, the following machines are available:

  • 1 station WELER WQB2000
  • 1 station WQB3000

each workstation is equipped with microscopes

  • THT department is a welder IEMME TALOS with interchangeable crucibles to handle both welding with tin / lead solder and with tin lead-free.
  • A welder Streckfuss 3d with a crucible with tin lead-free with an automatic line
  • To complete the equipment, there are  Pozzetti  selective MGR wells and static.

Inspection Retouching Department

The quality is guaranteed by highly trained staff and using of microscopes on each working step.

We are proud to be equipped with the following  hi tech testing machines : 

Parametric Spea and Tecnost

·         Flying Probe 4040

·         UNITEST ADP500

·         SPEA U505AP / F

·         TECNOST TEK8000 

  • Thanks to our high skilled technicians are able to realize the test fixture and generate the test program starting from the CAD data and the requests of the customer
  • There is also a broad set of tools to achieve every specific and custom request.
  • There are two chambers Angelantoni Model MOS200T and UY110IU  for possible evidence in temperature

To check the cleanliness of the cards, we can measure the ionic contamination of cards using a


Thanks to a decade of experience of our team, we are able to assemble mechanical structures, attaching, where provided, internal wires or support.

Our customers are the most leading Italian companies (like Elemaster Group – Gewiss) in the electronics production of :  light panels LED full color, telephone devices, electromedical equipment, devices for beauty treatments, sporting devices and equipment or for leisure and numerous other electronic special equipment.

Flux-Free Reflow Soldering

Non-heated dispensing system