Adetel Solution

We design & provide electronic and software solutions for embedded deployments. Our multidisciplinary team can support electronic, mechanical, industrial and software designs for stringent environment.

Design, Turnkey, Service Provider, Software Manufacturer, Subcontractor

Adetel SIE is a Global Leader in providing electronic solutions for embedded deployments.
Available as individual equipment or complete systems for new designs or upgrade programs, our products are designed for the stringent requirements of the embedded world.  This includes Video surveillance systems, communication systems, public address systems , Passenger information systems and if needed, custom made system to meet specific customer requirements.
Our embedded solutions have been designed to provide a reliable option for mobile deployments perfectly suited to the rigors of the embedded world.
Our multidisciplinary team is able to support the electronic engineering design, mechanical engineering design, industrial design and software engineering design at all levels. Adetel group is a Worldwide company.
conformal coating pcb - asymtek

Capillary Underfill process