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Semi automatic solder machine (1.2M)

Semi automatic solder machine (1.2M)

Semi automatic solder machine (1.2M)


Semi automatic solder machine (1.2M)


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Semi automatic solder machine (1.2M) Description:

technical parameter



Printing area


Fixed printing position

PCB Outer Or Pin Positioning

Table trimming

Front/Back±10mm  R/L±10mm

Printing accuracy


Using air pressure


Use power

220V 50/60Hz 60W

Machine size  L×W×H


machine weight


Product features

1.Using the Taiwan CSK high speed rail, to ensure the printing accuracy.

2.  The printing scraper to rotate 45 degrees fixed, which is convenient

for cleaning and replacement of printing board and scraper.

3. The scraper seat can be adjusted before and after the adjustment, in order to select the appropriate printing position.
Combined printing plate with a fixed groove and pin, convenient installation and adjustment for single, double-sided printing.
5. Version of the way the use of steel wire mesh, and combined with printing (PCB) of the X, y, Z correction is convenient and quick adjustment.

6. Using SIEMENS PLC and touch screen man-machine interface control, simple, convenient and more suitable for human computer dialogue.            
Can be set one-way and two-way, a variety of printing methods.

8. With automatic counting function, to facilitate the production of statistics.
Scraper angle adjustable, steel scraper, rubber scraper are suitable.
The man-machine interface has a screen saver function, man-machine interface service life.
Using the unique programming, the printing scraper seat adjustment is convenient.
Printing machine speed man-machine interface display, can be arbitrary digital control.

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