smt double splice tape 8mm

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Esocoo as a professional manufacturer for the smt consumables .smt splice tape , it has a group of skilled employees to ensure the quality and lead time. And our high-quality marketing staff provide the professional knowledge

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smt double splice tape 8mm

smt double splice tape 8mm


smt double splice tape 8mm


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smt splice tape,Also known as feeder material, SMT double-sided splicing film. SMT tape is a new generation of electronic assembly technology, it will compress the traditional electronic components only a few tenths of the size of the device, thus achieving the electronic assembly of high-density, high reliability, small size, low cost, and Production automation.
product description
1. Above a variety of colors 8MM, 12MM, 16MM, 24MM four specifications.
2. A set without the use of auxiliary tools to improve process efficiency. And the most economical splicing program.
3. To improve production efficiency, easy operation, save manpower, reliability, high precision, high utilization rate, no residual material generated.
4. Product structure: It is composed of two pieces of tape.

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