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Traceability & Quality Management Software

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Industry leader in the design and implementation of advanced technology and optimization solutions with a suite of battle-tested MES products.

Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA

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Traceability & Quality Management Software

Traceability & Quality Management Software


Traceability & Quality Management Software



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eFlex Systems


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eFlex Track & Trace is a manufacturing traceability and quality control software solution which enables users to store, retrieve, and report part status in a manufacturing environment. Using state-of-the-art server software, in conjunction with streamlined plant floor controller logic provided by eFlex Systems, users can realize real-time part storage, status, marriage, tracking, RFID recovery, quality gates, and reporting.


  1. Achieve real-time query response times of less than 300ms, with our highly robust traceability software and server.
  2. Reduce your manufacturing costs while increasing quality and speed with zero impact on production.
  3. Save your limited engineering resources and get immediate ROI by implementing our turnkey solution, rather than waiting to build your own.
  4. Effectively manage containment campaigns for warranty claims.


  1. COMMUNICATIONS: Real-time sub-second response time (300ms) using state-of-the-art server technical stack and preprogrammed plant floor PLC controller blocks. Simultaneously provide real-time responses to hundreds of connected stations.
  2. PART GENEALOGY: Unlimited asynchronous part marriage, separation, divorce, remarriage and containment.
  3. GRAPHICAL TRACK AND TRACE: With model path configuration, all build prerequisites are checked at each station.
  4. PART STATUS STORAGE: Store process data for every part at any station.
  5. REPORTING: Numerous web-based reporting capabilities for queries and reporting on part status, station, date/time, containment, diagnostics/events, production history and more.
  6. SERVER MONITORS AND DIAGNOSTICS: Server monitors system limits for warning and alarming, and diagnostics such as average response time issues, controllers not connected or responding, improperly formatted serial numbers, and many more.

Integration Options

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES): eFlex Track & Trace enables your MES to reach directly into the plant floor controls information.
  • Other eFlex Solutions: Although not necessary, there are significant synergies to be gained by implementing eFlex Track & Trace with our flexible assembly optimization software (eFlex Assembly) and our vision image storage software (eFlex Vision).

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