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Prototype SMT Stencil

Prototype SMT Stencil


Prototype SMT Stencil



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Prototype SMT Stencil Description:

SMT Prototype Stencils are laser cut solder paste prototype stencils designed to work on their own for hand printing. These laser cut prototype stencils do not need to be permanently glued in a frame. These so-called framelessstencils are less expensive than framed stencils. They are well-suited for prototype assembly as the flaps keep the paste in a confined area and it makes it simpler to hold during the printing process.Shipment is 24 business hours from approval of checkplot.

These frameless SMT stencils are specifically designed for manually printing solder paste onto printed circuit boards.

  • Eliminates hand soldering of prototype circuit boards

  • Reduces prototype assembly time

Prototype Stencils are laser cut stencils custom-made for your own printed circuit boards using your Gerber or CAD files. These frameless solder paste stencils were specially designed for manual printing. Our prototype SMT metal stencils along with a properly sized squeegee blade will make your SMT printing job easier. Just use some blue painter tape to hold the stencil down. Ships with a squeegee sized for the stencil as well as board holders. Our stencils feature a money-back guarantee.

Key features:

* High quality nickel-stainless PHD material (Much better release than std stainless stencils) means smoother aperture walls and cleaner release characteristics

* Clean Laser-Cut Apertures

* Excellent Print Performance

* SMT prototype printing stencils from BEST come with guidance and advise on printing issues. We are not just machinging holes in to metal rather we are there to solve your printing problems given our long experience in solving both rework and PCB assembly challenges. BEST has 10+ years of stencil design and fabrication experience. Call us. We will answer the phone and help you. We are NOT just a storefront on the internet.

To learn more about how exactly to assemle using the SMT prototype printing process loook here.

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