Board Repair Kit

Board Repair Kit

Board Repair Kit


Board Repair Kit


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The BEST PCB board repair kit gives you the tools you need to repair damaged mask, damaged or missing laminate, replace missing corners or missing pieces of the hard laminate material.  Colorants are part of this kit which allows you repair differnt colored PCB laminate materials. Also included in these kits are pieces of different thickness FR-4 materials which can be tongue and groove fitted for large damaged areas.Poor handling procedures may sometimes damage corners and edges on printed circuit boards.This versatile repair kit along with our clear "how to" instructions offers you a way to save your high value boards and provide you with the materials to replace damaged board corners, edges, and holes. Color agents can be added to the epoxy system in order to make it look like the original board.

This kit includes the following items:

(3) FR4 .93" thickness
(3) FR4 .125" thickness
(3) FR4 .187" thickness
(5) Resin/Hardner, 2 gms
(5) Orangewood sticks
(1) Dental pick
(1) Green color agent 1 oz
(1) Light green color agent 1 oz
(1) Medium green color agent 1 oz
(5) Foam swabs
(5) Mixing cups
(3) Syringe

Please do not hesitate to call with any questions you may have at 1-847-797-9250.

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