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Learning How to Solder Training Kit

Learning How to Solder Training Kit

Learning How to Solder Training Kit


Learning How to Solder Training Kit



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Learning How to Solder Training Kit Description:

If you are trying to instruct new electronic technicians, high schoolers, or DIYers in the skill of soldering and do not want to instruct them on home made PCBs that are not representative of the type parts or the types of surface finish you would expect in a real electronics project, then use the BEST "Learning How to Solder" Training Kit.

Unlike the rest of the other soldering kits out there, the BEST "Learning How to Solder" Training Kit features BOTH through-hole and SMT components. Not only will you be introduced to a typical mixed technology board, you will be soldering on a real life board. This board features a ground plane for the LEDs mimicking what you may see in the electronics industry. This means you will have to learn the patience needed for soldering the parts loaded and connected to the ground plane.

After you have soldered the provided components to the board, you will be left with a working "decision maker." The LEDs will flash sequentially when the pushbutton is initiated and after a few seconds, only one LED will be active, leaving you with a "decision." An instruction sheet and overlay will provided with the kit.

What you will need to put this kit together:

Soldering Iron                                                     Solder (flux cored, 0.020” diameter)

Small and Medium Chisel tip                                Isopropyl alcohol

Kim wipes                                                           Liquid flux –no clean

Diagonal cutters                                                  Needlenose pliers

ESD wrist strap w/proper grounding

9 volt battery (Kit does NOT include battery)

What the kit includes:

- Qty (1) PCB, immersion silver finish, 0.062" thick

- Qty (1) battery terminal with stripped wires

- Qty (10) Through-hole LEDs

- Qty (2) Though-hole capacitors

- Qty (1) SOIC 16 SMT component

- Qty (1) SOIC 14 SMT component

- Qty (1) SMT capacitor

- Qty (1) Through-hole switch

- Qty (1) Through-hole diode

- Qty (7) SMT resistors

See BEST’s FREE videos on in order to learn how it is done if you are learning on your own.

*Please allow 2 weeks for your order to be shipped*

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