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PCBVac(TM) Description:

The PCBVac(TM) is the only tool you will need to get rid of BOTH dry and wet media from a PCB. It is like a shop vac for your PCB repair needs.

This is the ideal tool for a soldering technician’s work bench being able to provide many functions. How did you ever not have one of these?

The PCBVac is versatile in the removal of both liquids like fluxes, cleaning solvents and even molten solder as well as dry materials like conformal coating and mask. Use the PCBVac to clean unspent flux material from in and round and even underneath devices or between solder balls. Use the PCBVac to clean off the scraped off conformal coating.

The PCBVac is also versatile in terms of what vacuum pressure can be drawn by adjusting the built-in air amplifier adjustment on the box or by cutting the Teflon nozzle to a smaller or larger opening.

This unit operates quietly. The housing is small and dampens the sound produced by the vacuum so it does not fatigue you.

The PCBVac, unlike the low pressure electric powered vacuum motors, has NO MOVING parts. Just plug in to clean, filtered shop air up to 120psi. It will be your reliable partner for year to come.

Each system comes complete with :

Glass hand held want with macro filter traps

One controller box with ON/OFF switch and variable pressure output controller

(3) Teflon™ tips for use in high temperature environments

3/8” NPT fitting to your air source

Inline filter to make sure a clean vacuum source is present

6ft (2m) ultraflexible hose to give you plenty of room between the controller and wand

6ft (2m) hose for flexible connection between the controller and the incoming air supply

Air source

 60-120psi dry, filtered shop air; quick disconnect


 5 1/4" W x 4 3/8" H x 5 1/2" D (13cm x 11cm x  14cm)


 2 Lbs. (0.91kG)

 Vacuum Supply

 Self-Contained air-driven venturi, produces 30 inches of Hg (1,016 millibars)


 Lightweight, durable stainless steel (Not Plastic)


 Silcate glass tube with macro removable filter.


 In line vacuum filter


(3) high temperature Teflon tips, user configurable


 One Year Limited Warranty Parts & Labor

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